Why I want artisans, traders, drivers, okada riders to vote for me -Segun Oni

Why I want artisans, traders, drivers, okada riders to vote for me -Segun Oni

Ekiti Poll: Why I want artisans, traders, drivers, okada riders to vote for me -Segun Oni

Former governor of Ekiti state,
Asiwaju Segun Oni, who is also the Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate has told the non-public sector workers in the state to vote for him in the June 18 Ekiti governorship election to enjoy good governance.

“I am appealing to all the tailors, bricklayers, vulcanizers, mechanics, hairdressers, farmers, traders, commercial drivers, commercial motorcycle operators, welders and all technicians in Ekiti to give me your votes and elect me as your governor.

“Which ever party’s candidate that neglects you does it at his own peril. I have always held you in high esteem.
Oni said that during his first term administration, he instituted financial empowerment scheme which guaranteed interest-free microcredit loans to the artisans and drivers and lifted so many people from poverty, lack and wants till date, as many used the money to finance their businesses.

Reacting to what the All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship candidate has been saying, Oni said, “If anybody or candidate is telling you that Ekiti does not have money to do all these, ask them to explain how they have spent the monthly allocations and other Ekiti monies.

“Governance is about being prudent and judiciously expending the resources of the state for overall development of the state.
“I, Segun Oni, prudently managed the state resources to achieve much which has remained unsurpassed by the successive administrations in Ekiti till date.

“I will do much more better if you re-elect me as your governor. Don’t listen to the deceits of the APC and PDP; they are vampires.”

According to a press statement issued by the spokesman of the Ekiti Build Back Better (EBBB) in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday, Oni, the Social Democratic Party(SDP) governorship candidate in the June 18 Ekiti governorship election, stated this during interview with the pro-Segun Oni group, at Ifaki-Ekiti recently.

The SDP candidate, who is seeking for the votes of Ekiti people to win the election and succeed the outgoing Governor John Kayode Fayemi, said government alone could not employ every able hands, but that his coming as governor would encourage self employment by providing the enabling environment.

He continued: “Provisions of regular power supply, drinkable water, small scale loans and adequate security by the government will encourage small scale businesses. Those selling sachet water, soft drinks, tailors, welders, hairdressers, barbers, television, radio and phone repairers will make sales.

“This is why my second coming is important to address these problems of irregular power supply, lack of drinkable water, stopping insecurity and providing loans for small scale businesses to end unemployment.”

He urged the people to go out to collect their permanent voter’d cards, saying “if you want a change, if you don’t want this APC government that has impoverished you not to return, vote for Segun Oni and the SDP.”

Ekiti 2022: To Segun Oni, Destiny Beckons

Sir: As the good people of Ekiti State prepare to repeat history on Saturday, June 18, this year, when they will troop out to elect a new governor for another four years, many are certainly waiting with bated breath to see who will emerge victorious in the election.

The highly disillusioned and pauperized people of the Land of Honour need a breath of new life. Obviously, the massive failure and disappointment that the All Progressives Congress (APC) administration at the national level has continued to trickle down to Ekiti State in the last four years to the chagrin of the resilient people.

The political chess game will be a straight fight between the APC, represented by Mr. Biodun Oyebanji and the Social Democratic Party (SDP), represented by the highly politically-experienced Asiwaju Segun Oni. Other parties, led by the slumbering People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will surely be spectators on the election day, having lost the energy to stand on their feet in the mission to rescue Ekiti State. Having ruled the state between 2007-2010 when his tenure was truncated by the Court of Appeal in controversial circumstances, Oni had proved his mettle convincingly, making the people of the state crave for his return.

It is on record that Oni’s Midas touch and quick fixes propelled the economy of Ekiti State to greater heights during his brief tenure, even as his administration had an impactful effect on all sectors of the state, be it education, health, agriculture, the civil service, local government, traditional institution, tourism, security, sports and youth development, as well as youth employment and empowerment and a host of others. What Oni achieved in all these sectors with his brilliant team will remain permanently etched in the psyche of Ekiti people.

Specifically, on the economic front, the Human Development Report (HDR) of 2009 put Ekiti State at number 34 out of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on statutory allocation, whereas the same HDR ranked the state number 24 on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita and number 10 on Human Development Index (HDI).

What this means is that the Oni administration did not only depend on statutory allocation to survive but made efforts, to expand and shored up the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state. No other administration in the state has been able to achieve this feat ever since then.

Besides, a massive renovation of schools was carried out across the state, while a full boarding house was introduced for schools willing to have a full complement of laptops for each of the pupils and VSAT facilities in the schools. The Oni administration also pioneered the School Feeding Programme for pupils, a programme the APC-led Federal Government adopted and is executing haphazardly today.

Of course, several roads were rehabilitated and new ones constructed across the state. Many of such roads still remain solid to date and the benefiting communities remain grateful to Oni for the roads. In the history of Ekiti Civil Service, the then Oni administration was the first to ensure that workers’ salaries, leave bonuses and other entitlements were promptly paid.

In Ekiti today, a large number of highly educated youths are Okada riders and internet fraudsters, popularly called “Yahoo Boys” because there is no deliberate programme to empower them and provide them jobs, contrary to what was obtained during the Oni administration which provided thousands of jobs for the army of unemployed Ekiti youths.

As the June 18 poll draws near, Ekiti people know who genuinely have their love at heart and those who will perpetuate the hardships they have endured in the last four years. They surely will vote wisely.

Steve Omolale is a Lagos-based journalist.

Why Segun Oni will win (3)

Chief Segun Oni has a robust experience and maturity to leverage upon as he once again moves to restore Ekiti State to the path of sustainable development. He has done it before, he will do it again. Despite annoying and maddening distractions during that era, he worked tirelessly to revamp and refocus our educational system which was derelict, comatose and almost totally collapsing.

Chief Segun Oni, at that time, improved significantly the health care delivery, especially in the rural areas. At that time, Governor Segun Oni established a world-class eye hospital which became a referral centre to the best eye- hospitals in Nigeria then. People were coming as far as from Kano. Whatever treatment you received at this centre was what you get anywhere in the World.
We are quick to forget that for the first time, Governor Segun Oni set up the Ekiti Scholarship Board which benefited ALL categories of students in ALL Institutions of learning including ones that are not conventional.
Governor Segun Oni reintroduced boarding schools which was then almost forgotten. He also set up the Schools Enterprise Projects which enabled each school to specialise in one area of need or venture useful not only to them but also the general public. Some of these are in the areas of food production.
The three and half years of Chief Segun Oni’s governance signaled an end to the then common sight of pupils and students carrying benches and desks to schools as his government embarked on massive production of tables and chairs.
Also for the first time in the history of Ekiti State, well laid out and asphalt surfaced roads covering over 300 kilometers were constructed. For the first time, Ekiti State had an intra network of roads linking all towns and communities in the State. Before this, you had to travel out of Ekiti to Ondo State before getting to some Ekiti communities. This means opening up of road(s) construction on Virgin lands. The Segun Oni era is irrepressible.
(To be continued)


Chief Segun Oni, while inaugurating Committees for his election has warned that there will be zero tolerance to rigging and any form of electoral malpractice during the forthcoming Governorship elections in Ekiti State, before, during and after the June 18, election.

Chief Segun Oni who decamped from the PDP to contest the election on the Platform of SDP urged the electorates to shun the alluring influence of money in politics by some who are determined to purchase their votes.
He promised to continue and build on the laudable projects which he had started which are aimed at restoration and ensuring sustainable development of Ekiti State.

Chief Segun Oni who said he would predicate his administration on what he described as 3is of Innovation, Infrastructure and Industrialisation also listed an 8 mission plan to restore Ekiti State.

The mission statement includes transparent, inclusive governance and robust security. Some others are value-driven, Agriculture and sustainable environment, Education and human capital development, health and social services and critical Infrastructure development for industrial take-off.

Others are Economic Empowerment/ Entrepreneurship, Sports development for business and Tourism and Culture renaissance.


An unprecedented amalgam of political stalwarts gathered on Tuesday at the Adebayo Road office of the Social Democratic Party campaign headquarters of Chief Segun Oni to be named in the different committees being set up and created for the upcoming June 18, Governorship election.

The gathering which was described as unmatched by any previous political assemblage of any type was made up of members of the APC and PDP, not to talk of the SDP and other political parties.

While inaugurating 24 central committees aside of 16 others for each of the 16 local government councils by Chief Segun Oni, Ambassador Dare Bejide, the Director General of the Segun Oni Campaign organisation described the attendees as “the soul of politics in Ekiti State.

“Those who we never thought were with us such as past Councillors, past party EXCO members, members of past Houses of Assembly, former members of the House of Representatives and Senators are showing their readiness to partner with Chief Segun Oni.

This is not to talk of retired pensioners who had to be loyal to the government in power because of their jobs. So now, we are back, bigger and stronger. Ambassador Dare Bejide said.

Some of the committee chairmen include Chief Dipo Anisulowo, Alhaji Taju Gidado, Chief Mrs. Titi Oluwatuyi, Chief Mrs. Yemi Onadipe, Hon. Fakunle Olasupo, Barr. Tayo Oloruntoba, Mr Pereao Yinka, Hon. Dele Ajibola, Com. Tunde Adebisi, Hon. Segun Ola, Hon. Pastor Oluwawole, Elder Martins Ibikunle, Alhaji Yemi Ajise, Engr. Akin Osadeyi and Barr. Owoseni Ajayi among others.

Some politicians drawn from other parties (PDP&APC) are Sen. Duro Faseyi, Hon. Kehinde Odebunmi, Akogun Bunmi Ogunleye, Dr. Ife Arowosoge, Chief Dipo Anisulowo, Sen. C.K Awoyelu, Mr Ade Agbaje, Chief Dele Oke, Otunba Ladi Owolabi, Alhaji Gidado and Mr Banjo Aluko, to name just a few.

Oni, Fayemi clash over alleged plots to disrupt poll

Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Ekiti State, Segun Oni, and Governor Kayode Fayemi have clashed over alleged plots to disrupt the June 18 governorship election.

Oni, in a petition written by his lawyer, Owoseni Ajayi, and addressed to the Director of State Service (DSS), accused Governor Fayemi of planning to raise a task force to disrupt the election.

EKITI 2022: Oni’s peerless governance record: A response to hack writers

This article is a rejoinder to the falsehood circulated on social media with the title, ‘Ekiti Civil Servants, Teachers Still Remember Sufferings, Anguish Under Segun Oni’. It originated from a character assassin deployed by the All Progressives Congress (APC) in its desperate campaign to cling to power in Ekiti State, after failing woefully to fulfil its electoral promises to the people.


The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Ekiti, Chief Segun Oni, has appointed a seasoned journalist and major stakeholder in the party,  Mr. Moses Jolayemi, as the spokesman for the campaign and Chairman of the Segun Oni Media Committee.