(A). Cancellation of The LCDAs

Segun Oni has said it repeatedly that as Ekiti Governor, come June 18, 2022, he would not scrap or cancel any established structure of government, be it LCDAs, Educational institutions (BOUETI or Isan Poly), etc, nor sack any worker of Government who has no skeleton in his or her cupboard; rather he would improve on what is on ground and challenge them to do better, for the overall benefits of the State.

On the LCDAs, it is on record that the establishment of the LCDAs was his idea to do, before he was unexpectedly and kangarooly removed from office as Governor in his first term.

According to Dr Isijola, one of his lieutenants in office when he was Governor, he said the bill for the establishment of the LCDAs was already in the pipeline when the sudden change of Government occured and the new government of Dr Kayode Fayemi capitalized on it for implementation later, just as he did in respect of the 250 Transformers which Segun Oni bought to improve light in Ekiti, but which arrived shortly after Fayemi became Governor and which he used as his 100days in office achievement.

It is also on record that the current LCDA beautiful building in Ifaki was majorly facilitated by Asiwaju Segun Oni, to show his love for the LCDA establishment. How then can he be planning to scrap or cancel what is his own idea to establish? It is a lie from the pit of hell. Segun Oni will never scrap, nor cancel LCDAs, rather he would make them better than they are now.

Segun Oni will not only make the LCDAs better than they are now if elected Ekiti State Governor again, come June 18, 2022, he would also grant them autonomy as he did to the Local Governments during his First term.

It is Fayemi that is playing lip service with Local Governments and the LCDAs, as he openly said he did not believe in the establishment of the Local Governments and their existence as the 3rd tier of government in Nigeria; as according to him, the Local Governments are not in Nigeria Constitution. How then can somebody who do not believe in the existence of the Statutory LGAs believe in the future of the LCDAs which was actually Segun Oni’s idea, but which Fayemi and APC put in place just for political Campaign to deceive Ekiti people. SEGUN ONI WILL NOT SCRAP OR CANCEL ANY LCDA.

(B) On the issue of Show Your Primary Six Certificate by Teachers and other Government Workers in Ekiti

(i) I wonder when it has become an offence for an Employer, whether government or individual, to ask his Employees (Workers) to show the Certificate/s they claimed they have when they were employed and with which they have been working?

(ii) Are the workers not supposed to have presented have presented photocopies such Certificates or Credentials for keep in their files on the very day they were employed while the Original is kept with them, and if such Certificate photocopy could not be found in any of the persons files when needed for one reason or another, is it wrong to ask the individual or persons concerned to present another copy of what they have or are supposed to have?

(iii) Is Staff Verification by Government for one thing or the other an offence or a sin? Did Fayemi’s goverment (past and present) in Ekiti not verified the Staff force severally at all levels and asked workers to present their Certificates, including Primary Six? It was even done in Ekiti State University (EKSU) about 2 years ago where even Professors had to show their Primary Six Certificates.

What offence therefore did Segun Oni’s Government commit in asking
the State workers (including Teachers) to present their Certificates for Verification when he was Governor? Or is Staff Verification not part of Civil / Public Service guidelines?

(iv) Let me make it clear at this point, that Segun Oni did not just ask Ekiti Workers, particularly Teachers to Show their Certificates the fun of it; he did so for the purpose of helping them ensure that their Gratuities and Pension were paid without delay at retirement.

As the Governor, Segun Oni realized that Teachers in the State were the ones suffering mostly for long years after retirement without getting their Gratuities and Pension on time, as a result of non submission of their mandatory retirement papers at the time of exit, and this had lead to some of them being turned to ‘slaves’ by some shylock Pension Officers.

In order to prevent this from further happening and because Segun Oni as at that time had made up his mind to clear all arrears of Pension and Gratuities, and to ensure that every retiree gets his Gratuity and Pension with 90days of retirement, he ordered them, through the Pension Board to make available all their documents (which include Certificates) that are compulsory requirements for submission anywhere when one is retiring; so that the processing of their papers will not be difficult nor delayed when they eventually retire. And so that, if their is any delay in payment of their benefits after submitting all their papers, Government would know whom to hold responsible.
What then was the offence of Segun Oni in this, or what wrong did he do to Ekiti Teachers in this?


Thank you.