Chief Segun Oni has a robust experience and maturity to leverage upon as he once again moves to restore Ekiti State to the path of sustainable development. He has done it before, he will do it again. Despite annoying and maddening distractions during that era, he worked tirelessly to revamp and refocus our educational system which was derelict, comatose and almost totally collapsing.

Chief Segun Oni, at that time, improved significantly the health care delivery, especially in the rural areas. At that time, Governor Segun Oni established a world-class eye hospital which became a referral centre to the best eye- hospitals in Nigeria then. People were coming as far as from Kano. Whatever treatment you received at this centre was what you get anywhere in the World.
We are quick to forget that for the first time, Governor Segun Oni set up the Ekiti Scholarship Board which benefited ALL categories of students in ALL Institutions of learning including ones that are not conventional.
Governor Segun Oni reintroduced boarding schools which was then almost forgotten. He also set up the Schools Enterprise Projects which enabled each school to specialise in one area of need or venture useful not only to them but also the general public. Some of these are in the areas of food production.
The three and half years of Chief Segun Oni’s governance signaled an end to the then common sight of pupils and students carrying benches and desks to schools as his government embarked on massive production of tables and chairs.
Also for the first time in the history of Ekiti State, well laid out and asphalt surfaced roads covering over 300 kilometers were constructed. For the first time, Ekiti State had an intra network of roads linking all towns and communities in the State. Before this, you had to travel out of Ekiti to Ondo State before getting to some Ekiti communities. This means opening up of road(s) construction on Virgin lands. The Segun Oni era is irrepressible.
(To be continued)

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  1. Cool. He is an engineer that knows what society engineering is all about.

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